Project Options
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Project Options

The Project Options page lets you configure global project settings, such as whether project work is displayed in units of hours or days, etc.

Note: Project options are global settings that will affect all users. Only administrators will have access to the Project Options page.

Note: The terminology of projects, tasks and other objects can be changed via the System > General > Terminology page.

The following project options can be configured:



Default Work Units

This setting determines whether planned and actual work for projects, etc. is entered/displayed in hours or days.  Data internally is stored in hours, so when Day is chosen for work units the value will be computed by dividing the hours by the default hours per day, as configured on the System > General page.

Automatic Inactivation

If enabled then projects and tasks will be automatically inactivated the specified number of days after their Actual Finish Date value. Inactive projects and tasks will not be shown in pick lists on employee timesheets, etc.

The appropriate number of days after the last day for inactivating the item will depend on your requirements. Typically a value of 7 days is used in order to give employees enough time to add the item to their timesheet, especially if they save their time some days after the actual date of the work.

Note that if no Actual Finish Date value is specified then the project or task cannot be inactivated automatically.

Required Fields

You can specify which fields are required when adding or editing projects.  By default the project name is required, but for your use you may need additional fields marked as required, such as the project ID.