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Policies are sets of rules governing the behavior of employee timesheets, leave accrual and more. You can create any number of policies and assign different policies to different employees. For instance, you might have one policy for exempt employees titled "Exempt Policy", and another policy for hourly employees named "Hourly Policy", each with different rule settings. Each employee must have a policy, which is specified in the Employee Details page.

Policies are composed of several sets of related rules. This includes Time Entry Rules, Balance and Accrual Rules, Over Time Rules and Flex Time Rules. Policies have the following properties:




The policy name, up to 80 characters. A value is required and must be unique for all policies.


A description for the policy, up to 255 characters.


The policy status, either Active or Inactive. You cannot delete policies that are currently assigned to employees. Setting the status to inactive will prevent the policy from being assigned to new employees.


This determines whether this policy is the default policy for new employees.

Policy Rules