Asset Entry Fields
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Asset Entry Fields

You can customize the list of fields that are entered for each type of asset entry. This gives you great flexibility in setting up entry templates that are different for each asset type, such as equipment, materials or expenses. In addition to which fields are shown, you can also specify the access level for individual fields. For instance, you can have some fields, such as price or cost fields, that are only editable by managers.

Note: You can add to the list of available entry fields by selecting the Custom Fields option from the More menu (see the Custom Fields for more information). Once you have added your custom fields you will need to go back to the Asset Entry Fields page to enabled them.

Asset entry fields have the following properties:




If checked the field is enabled and can be shown or edited.


The default access level or permission for this field: hidden, read-only or editable.

Access Exceptions

Access exceptions allow you to override the default access for specific employee permission levels. For instance, you may have cost fields hidden from all users by default, but allow managers and administrators to see and edit these fields.


If checked then a value for this field is required. Entries will not be able to be saved or submitted until a value is provided.

New Group

If checked then this field denotes the start of a new group of fields. This is a cosmetic setting to help group related fields together: a dividing line will be inserted before this field to separate it from previous fields.


If checked then this field will be considered a detail and not shown in lists of entries. Instead you will need to drill into the listed entry (or click the details button) to see the field. Check this setting for fields that are only infrequently entered and to prevent entry lists from becoming too wide.

Special Field Properties

Some fields have additional properties that can edited:



Entry ID

This field is an auto-generated sequential number. Each time an entry is created the value will be incremented. The default format is as follows:


This results in a 10 digit number padded with leading zeros.

For a number with no leading zeros the format is:

{0} -> 176268

You can prepend or append characters to the format, too, such as:


Note that the Entry ID field can be manually entered, too, by setting the field access to editable. To turn off the generation of the sequential number enter the following format:


Reordering Fields

You can specify the order in which the fields appear by clicking the Edit button on the Entry Fields page, then clicking and dragging each row to move it where you like.